Sosua Bay Beach

The Beach

The beach itself is known for its few waves and crystal clear waters. There is a small reef just offshore ideal for snorkeling beginners and the back of the beach itself is lined with smaller restaurants and bars.

It has a lively nightlife and various opportunities for shopping and relaxing.

Getting There

If you are staying in a hotel in the Sosua area, then it is probably within walking distance, if not right outside your window. If you are driving then you only need to head out onto the Puerto Plata – Samana highway. Once you reach Sosua the beach will be visible from the highway to your left when coming from Puerto Plata.


The Sosua Bay beach was one of the first tourist beaches on the island. It is located just between Los Charamicos and El Batey, the two townships that constitute the city of Sosua.

Sosua itself is of historical significance. It was here that Jewish refugees came, after being invited by Dictator Trujillo in 1938. Housing was established and land was given to them to be worked. Thousands were expected, but only a few hundred came and even less stayed. While a small community, it quickly established itself as a center of commerce in matter of milk and cheese. To this day one of the largest dairy companies is still located here.

Tourism from Germany followed soon, and while it established itself as a center for sex tourism in the 80s and 90s, it cleaned up by the late 2000s. It now enjoys a clean reputation with various new resorts and hotels populating the Sosua Bay area.

Sosua Bay Beach

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