What Is Kiskeya?

Kiskeya” (‘Quisqueya‘ in Spanish) is the name given to the island situated between the islands of Caobana (Cuba) and Borikén (Puerto Rico) by the Taino natives long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Columbus later named it La Española, or Hispaniola to indicate its ownership by Spain. It was also known as Santo Domingo for a while, until the local population split it into two separate countries, Haiti in the west and Dominican Republic in the east.

While it is not the most popular spelling, Kiskeya is still used to indicate this specific island, sans geopolitical separations.

What is Kiskeya.Life?

Kiskeya.Life is a video magazine dedicated to bringing the wonders of one of the most unique islands to everyone throught short and long documentaries, articles, blog posts, images, music and podcasts. Especially for those planning or wanting to visit, but also to those who have been here for so long, they have no idea what they’re actually missing out on. You know who you are. 😉

The goal is to explore new places, uncover new wonders and boldly go where no videoblog has gone before.

Who produces it?

While it is a collaborate effort, the Cacique of the project seems to be Alec Corday, a writer sashaura_thumband film-makers and expat of Bavarian heritage living on Kiskeya for over 22 years — he practically grew up here.

Its either him or his wife, the Cacica Lola Mendez, a native of Kiskeya born and raised here of Spanish and Haitian ancestry.

It’s also possible that their cat Mr Fluffy plays a big leadership role. With cats on the internet, you never know…