Photo by Hector Mejia

Playa Ermitano

Why Spectacular:

Playa Ermitano — or Hermit Beach — lives up to its name. Sometimes called Playa Madama, it’s so hard to reach, you may need a boat to even get there. If you want abandoned beach, left to its own devices, straight out of a fairy-tale, this is the one. In fact, unless you know how to get here you may even end up cast away. Bring your own volley ball. Wilsooooon!!!!

Getting There:

Take a boat with a local travel agency or if you have wheels, drive from Samana towards Playa Moron. Try to make your way from there to Playa La Cana. You’ll have to leave your car there and hike over the cliff to Playa Onda. From there it’s another bit through the forest to Ermitano. The whole hike may take you easily an hour, maybe less.


A season of the Turkish Survivor series were filmed here. See video below for spectacular aerial shots taken during that show’s shoot.