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Playa El Rincón

Why Spectacular:

It’s location and history. For many years El Rincón — The Corner or The Nook — was a secret beach, hidden away from tourism, accessible only to those who knew where to go and had the transportation. Tugged away at the tip of the Samana peninsula, it’s become more explored in recent years but still enjoys secret-spot status. Especially during the week it is less than frequented by mass-tourism and worth visiting.

Getting There:

As always, there are tours available, but for those in their own vehicle you can drive to the beach from Samana.

Head towards Las Galeras and half way there turn left towards El Rincón along the Carretera El Rincón. There are signs everywhere, so it’s hard to miss.


El Rincon has bit of a dark history. It was the location of the first skirmish between Europeans and American natives: on his first voyage Columbus’ men got into a tussle with the local population here and shots were fired. While nothing happened to Columbus’ men, it is not certain if a few of the native Tainos were just wounded or even killed. Either way, it marked the beginning of what would eventually lead to the extermination of the Taino people. In Columbus’ diary the area carries the name Bay of Arrows. And while the exact location of the incident is uncertain, most historians seem to agree that it was El Rincon.

There have also been unsubstantiated reports and rumors of nightly shark attacks in the area. Just how real these are is uncertain, although the entire area is indeed shark territory. Then again… the entire island is.

El Rincon

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