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Playa Alicia

Why Popular:

 Unlike most beaches, the sandy area is very large. The water is clear and warm and on the edges has nice waves. It is also less frequented than the actual Sosua beach. There are not as many sellers and thus more private.


Getting There:


The beach is located at the end of Dr. Rosen street, right next to the Waterfront Restaurant, in front of the Jewish Memorial Park. It is easily accessible by a few stairs leading down from the park, the restaurant, as well as the adjacent Casa Marina Beach Resort. Casa Marina has its own beach further down, but Playa Alicia has become the more popular beach.


Miracle Beach is a nickname well deserved, if a bit exaggerated.

While known for its shark sightings due to the trash being dumped here in the 80s (yes, sharks can be the ocean’s raccoons), it was also a popular cliff diving spot. In addition to that, the Waterfront restaurant sat on top of the cliff, with caves running through the cliff. Waves would crash into the cliff side, burst through the caves underneath and a geyser of water would explode out of a hole in the ground. This was a minor tourist attraction for the visitors of the restaurant.

Then in 2003 literally overnight sand washed into the cliff through natural beach nourishment (see image below). Over the next few months and years the beach grew and is now one of the nicest and popular beaches in Sosua. On the other hand, the Casa Marina beach next door has strangely shrunk…

Playa Alicia

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