Being passionate and loving the language you are learning is one of the surefire ways to guarantee success.

In fact, you can succeed in virtually anything if you are passionate and determined enough. Now, you might say, “Okay, okay that all sounds good, but what if I’m not all that passionate about languages?” Well, I’m glad you’re asking! The thing is that passion is something you develop, and for a lot of people, the only experience they’ve had with language learning was a few classes in grade school. How exciting! This only creates an association with homework, grades and deadlines.

Now, if you are in school, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed! It’s possible to create passion for the language, you must simply make it part of your daily life in engaging ways. You know how sometimes we love a song so much because it reminds us of a cool road trip we had years ago? This works in a very similar way. Let’s say you travel to another country… you’ll be totally immersed in the foreign language and you’ll associate it with discovery, new experiences and great memories. That will get your spirits up! You’ll likely come back from that vacation wanting to learn the language because you found it beautiful and want to be able to communicate when you get back.

As time goes by, if the language does not stay part of your life, this passion will fade and you’ll forget why you wanted to learn the language in the first place. Sounds familiar? But if you keep the language in many aspects of your life, you’ll keep the passion with you and build from it.