In 1824, freed slaves emigrated from the United States to Samana, Dominican Republic. Within 47 years of the arrival of the freed slave emigrants from the United States to Samana, an extensive study was made by an 1871 United States Government Commission with interest in annexing the Dominican Republic and, particularly, Samana Bay. This video uses findings from the commission report and the reports by distinguished journalists, illustrators and scientists accompanying the study’s voyage. It describes African-American emigrant history, the ensuing life of these emigrants and their reaction to the proposal of annexation to the United States.

The content is based on a copyrighted research monograph compiled by Dr. Dana Minaya of Samana College Research Center entitled “Freed U.S. Slave Emigrants of 1824 to Samana, Dominican Republic: What is to be learned about Samana History and the African-American Emigrants from the reports of the 1871 United States Commission of Inquiry?”