‘There are three sorts of people: Those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.’ — Da Vinci

A real-life Da Vinci Code?

columbus_and_mona_lisa_loversFor a few years now a unique historic theory has made the rounds: that of Mona Lisa and Christopher Columbus possibly having been lovers. Even more astonishing is the theory of who the true Mona Lisa actually may be: Queen Isabella of Spain. But the bold theory doesn’t end there — according to Jacques Abenaim, who developed the theory, Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus were not just lovers but also had a son — Hernandez — who lived for a time with their common acquaintance Leonardo Da Vinci as one of his assistants. Da Vinci, aware of all of this intrigue left clues behind in his works: from the Mona Lisa (depicting Queen Isabella), to The Vitruvian Man (depicting Columbus) to name only a few. While laughed at by some historians and snubbed by others, some of the arguments presented by Abenaim are irrefutably intriguing.

How much is truth and how much is conjecture? According to Abenaim it’s all truth.

In Abenaim’s own words:

After a painstaking, exhaustive 12 year research, I discovered the missing links in Da Vinci’s life, his secrets and codes that enabled me to set the records straight once and for all. What I found goes beyond the wildest imagination!

Mona Lisa’s Mad Love Affair

Abenaim has detailed his findings in his novel Mona Lisa’s Mad Love Affair. While it has not reached the success levels as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, it most certainly is as intriguing. In the above interview he explains a few more details concerning his findings, but it is left to the viewer and reader to determine for himself what the truth may be.

After all, truth is in the eyes of the believer.