Mangú is one of the most simples Dominican meals, and probably one of the most delicious. That is, if you like boiled and mashed green plantains.

Our friends over at LALA Films have launched another awesome video after their hugely watchable ‘100 Years Of Dominican Beauty‘, this time directed at our taste-buds. For some formidable food-porn, see the above video.

Origin Of The Name Mangú

Theories abound as to the word’s etymology, but the camps are split into two opinion.

Some believe it originated with an African tradition of mashing roots and vegetables in general, a food preparation that used to be called something akin to ‘manguzi‘.

The most popular root however seems to be the legend of a U.S. solider during the first American invasion of the D.R. explaining “Man, good!” when trying the mashed plantains dish. Marines-Desfilan-en-Santo-Domingo


How much is true we may never know. But it has become a vital staple of Dominican cousin, served generally with fried egg, cheese and/or Dominican salami (a type of Baloney). If you are going to be in the country it is required consumption to live your Dominican experience. Very likely you will find it on most resort breakfast buffets. If you’re outside the country you can do it yourself with the above instructions.

Buen tiempo!