Why spectacular:

Playa Los Patos is a study in contrasts. The colors alone make up for the fact that it’s by no means a swimming beach due to its heavy waves, but its still worth visiting. One of the shortest rivers in the world snakes through the beach, ending its brief existence in the crashing waves. The beach is a pebble beach, one of the few on the island. The Caribbean Sea is surprisingly warm, but a swim is not recommended due to the strong currents. But besides the fantastic picture opportunities, if you want to take a swim, go for the Los Patos River — or Duck River. Why duck? Because of all the ducks. Any more questions, check out our special video episode on that here

Getting There:

From Barahona, follow the road towards Pedernales. After Paraiso you will get to the township of Los Patos. The river and beach is right at the road at the entrance to the town. But keep your camera ready as the entire road trip has dozens of beaches and views worth a click.

Los Patos Beach

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