Geography Now! is a YouTube series that explores the geography of various countries… now. Hosted by Paul B. (aka Barby), they talk about the history, geography, politics and other interesting facts we all should have learned in school but were too lazy to listen to.

With his fun, hip style Barby presents the facts straight up, with a dash of sarcasm. We’re not sure where they get all their facts from, but while many are on point, some are way, way, way, off — the Jarabacoa and Punta Cana Beaches? Seriously? Smells like someone may have played a prank on them…

Overall however they did a great job in showcasing the DR. Thanks guys for the awesome shout-out!

Watch the above video, enjoy the excellent points Barby makes about the whole “Indio” issue and the delicate DR/Haiti references, and see how many geography mistakes you can spot. Below, a few of the more glaring ones. Also, let’s forgive him the many pronunciation mistakes. Anyone can make those… and most do.


This is what? Pico Duarte? C’mon guys, seriously? And left to it is what? The Great Pyramid of Giza?


We're guessing they drew a big circle around this general area in the hopes they'd hit the Constanza area. Still missed, though...

We’re guessing they drew a big circle around this general area in the hopes they’d hit the Constanza area. Still missed, though…


“Quemi”? Anyone actually use that word? Maybe they meant the expression “que me importa” and maybe there are some who have used it as a verb, but it’s not really a recognized Dominican word like all the others they mentioned.