This may seem like an odd question, but it turns out we often underestimate size.

We’ve Been Lied To!

Thanks to the so-called Mercator Projection — the quintessential image of planet Earth and its continent you may remember from your high-school classroom wall — we have a very distorted image of our world in our head.

This also has caused that we view our island Kiskeya as very small compared to the rest of the world.

Turns out it’s not that small.

On the site you can actually compare the sizes of our island with the rest of the world. The app even takes into consideration the Mercator Projection and enlarges the island relative to the rest of the planet.

Looking at a few samples, you will see that the DR and Haiti (and even individually) the countries are actually average European nation size: similar in size to Greece and Hungary, still a good bit smaller than England but larger than Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and many more.

Compare yourself by clicking here or by going into our map section in the main menu. Also, see below for a selection of size comparisons. The last one may surprise you!

The Mercator Projection and its massive distortion of the continents. As an example, the Antarctic looks huge here, while in reality it is not much bigger than Australia…

… Especially compared to the Gall-Peters Projection, a more accurate depiction of what our planet looks like flat. While this one feels distorted (because our eyes have become so accustomed to the top map and have come to accept it as ‘normal’), it is actually the top map that is distorted.

Compared to European nations, its not that small — just above average.

And while it’s still smaller than Japan, turns out its actually larger than South Korea!

Of course, Australia positively dwarfs it, but it’s actually not that different to New Zealand.

It’s still smaller than England, bit about the same as Ireland, but larger than Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium.

Sure, it fits multiple times in Saudi Arabia, but it is by far larger then Israel and Lebanon and almost as big as Syria!

For Christians, this may be interesting: turns out the land Jesus roamed and walked on foot was not much larger then the Cibao area in the DR.