Over at BuzzFeed, the Try Guys took on Haitian food in this video. BuzzFeed has been doing such taste-tests for a while now and it was about time they brought on the Haitian food.

Without doubt food is one of the few things we actually know about Haiti. What with all the negative things coming out of that small Caribbean state, it may be a surprise to some that Haitian food is not just good, but down right delicious.

Haitian Food Variety

The variety available is unexpected, and the video doesn’t do it quite justice. Then again, there is only so much you can represent in less than 3 minutes. Many will be glad to hear that much of it is indeed deep-fried. And well spiced — which is not something you always experience east of the border… in the DR, that is. Dominicans seem a lot more conservative when it comes to spices. In fact, the spice rack (if there is one) is probably among the least used ingredients in the DR. Haitians on the other hand are quite willing to bring on the taste.

Even such a simple things as Pâtes de Bulle (chicken pies) has an unexpected zest to it. But not just poultry enjoys the Haitian touch, even pork and fish stands out alongside rice and beans. And let’s not even forget the goat meat…

The History

The reason for this is thanks to the Haitian multi-cultural background: the mix of African, Caribbean and French origins emerges from the tastiness, and gives insight into the origins of the Haitian people as such.

In short, Haitian food is a delicious treat according to this BuzzFeed video. They selected a few of the more basic things and didn’t bring up such delicious treats as Pate and Bunon Preze, but it demonstrates some of the amazing variety that can be found on that little chunk of Caribbean.