5 weird facts about christopher columbus

Without doubt Christopher Columbus is one of the weirdest guys in the history books. And that’s saying a lot. Particularly since everybody knows his name, yet in reality we know so very little about him. A lot of the stuff we know is conjecture in itself, just starting with the fact of what he actually looked like. All portraits were done out of pure fantasy by the artists, or based on word-of mouth descriptions.

Here are a few more mind-blowing facts from our Instagram feed. How much of them are true or just theories remains to be discovered.

1. We Don’t Really Know His Name


2.   The Mysterious Light


3. Columbus, The Self-Proclaimed Prophet

4. The Mysterious Island


5. Mona Lisa’s Lover

Canadian Author Jacques Abenaim developed an interesting theory about the connection of Columbus and Da Vinci in his book ‘Mona Lisa’s Mad Love Affair’. As they both lived at the same time and even had a similar age, it is possible both DaVinci and of course Columbus knew Queen Isabella of Spain. Abenaim in fact goes as far as to state that the reason why Isabella was willing to pay for Columbus’ voyage with her own money was because the two were lovers. The possible Columbus-Isabella affair theory is nothing new, but Abenaim postulates that Da Vinci, aware of the love affair, drew many images depicting the two. Most famously Columbus as the Vitruvian Man, and Mona Lisa — Queen Isabella. 

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